Christmas Tree-Onset to the Mood of Christmas

What else could be comfortable for a Christian other than sitting in a couch watching are the decorated Christmas tree and snow fall outside? It’s a lovely sight to see the Christmas gifts wrapped with love placed under the evergreen. Nativity scenes, model trains and Christmas villages are set under the tree. Star (symbolizing the star of Bethlehem) or an angel (symbolizing the host of angel) is placed on the top of the tree. In earlier days Christmas tree was decorated with apples, nuts and dates lighted up with candle. Varieties of pine or fir trees were used as Christmas trees.

The origin of Christmas tree and its decoration was traced from Europe. Europeans had a custom of worshipping trees, to scare away devils and to find a place for birds to reside. They cut down branches of trees and decorated their houses. They also had a routine of replanting trees to maintain environmental balance. Later they started to plant the tree in planting boxes at home.

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Now a day’s lots of artificial trees are available but are harmful to environment. Decorations are now replaced with plastic glittering balls, star hangings and much other creative stuff available in stores. Electrifications replaced candle lights. In earliest of 20th century huge 30 feet Christmas tree was set in public places outdoor in many cities and towns.

Setting up the tree will be on 23rd December and taking off will be on January 5th. Placing or removing trees on wrong dates were considered to bring bad luck. But this custom is no more followed as people place their evergreen right after Thanksgiving.